The demand for disc golf courses is on the rise. The reasons are countless but the essential truth is it is just so much fun to chuck discs. Whether you are young or old, good or bad this sport is appealing. Soft on the landscape, easy on the budget of players and course owners it is only a matter of time before a disc golf course is being built in your community.

As a landscape architect Darrell Bankes, owner of TinLid Disc Golf, is uniquely qualified to help your club or municipality to develop a public or private piece of land into a new course.

The design of a course is an extremely collaborative processes. The disc golf community is deeply involved and local knowledge and pride of place are paramount. The professional approach of TinLid will make the transition from a grassroots initiative to one that garner’s wider community support and meets the needs of municipalities and financial supporters alike. The production of formal specifications and construction documents are completed in-house to meet the needs of clients, funding agencies and local governments.

Even at TinLid’s own course the participation of local Peterborough Disc Golf Club members and visiting players has been an essential part of the design process. Not to mention the massive amount of volunteer time many of the members have contributed to the TinLid course and the other courses in the Peterborough area. Go Peterborough!

TinLid can also supply all of the baskets and signage needed for a course. Please don’t hesitate to call or email Darrell Bankes directly if you would like to discuss the design and construction of a course in your area.

Courses with equipment supplied by TinLid Disc Golf

  • Riverview Park and Zoo, Peterborough
  • Project 15, Peterborough
  • Hamilton Park, Peterborough
  • TinLid Disc Golf Mobile, 18 holes ready to bring to your property or event
  • Lakewood Disc Golf Course, Tecumseh Ontario
  • KOA Brighton Campground
  • Lakefield College School, Ontario
  • Cedar Valley Campground, Cobourg Ontario
  • Highlands Nordic Disc Golf Course, Collingwood
  • Wells Gray Resort, Clearwater BC

Please contact Darrell directly at about new courses whether you need equipment or help planning and designing an entire course.

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